The Team

Chris Mote
Chris Mote


Chris is the lead consultant at synergy and has treated a vast array of individuals in the last forty years; A–List celebrities to UK Special Forces injured in Afghanistan. 


Chris states “The way we sleep, stand, sit, work, walk and exercise, has an effect on our bodies that can manifest itself in the form of pain and discomfort. We don’t just fix you, we will help educate you and prevent your injury happening again with a rehabilitation package tailored to you, for you to use after treatment”.


Chris has practise Osteopathy in the local area since qualifying in 1978. Many clients travel afar to be seen by Chris. Clients travel from as far as Dubai, Cyprus and Ireland all to be treated by his expertise as they cannot find the same anywhere else.


Chris is also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist that has changed so many lives in the last ten years through stopping people smoking and losing weight.

Debbie Bishop


Debbie Bishop is a Sport Rehabilitator, Sport Scientist & Pilates Active IQ lecturer and APPI Pilates Instructor.

Sport Rehabilitation include treatments for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions including the use of myofascial release, soft tissue manipulation and remedial exercise.


Debbie's Philosopy is that the ultimate aim of Sport Rehabilitation is to correct muscle imbalance and correct movement patterns to decrease associated discomfort and pain”.

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Federica Benotti


Federica is a MSc Sports Rehabilitation student from Middlesex University and a qualified Mat Pilates instructor including the pre & post natal sector. She has a background in Sports Science and several years of experience with clients in the fitness and sports industry. 


Her treatments include Sports, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, Kinesio-tape application, corrective exercise for postural imbalances and injury recovery.


As an ex swimming athlete and dancer, she strongly believes that our lifestyle can affect our posture and muscles, that over time can lead to soft-tissue restrictions. Taking care of our own body is important not only to increase the athltetic performance, but also to conduct a better and healthier life. 

Mona Choaie

Mona is a new graduate from the British college of osteopathic medicine with a Masters in Osteopathy and a diploma in naturopathy and massage.


She treats all types of problems holistically through structural osteopathy, nutritional advice, relaxation and breathing techniques and even acupuncture. Mona has a keen interest in other cultures, languages, travelling and martial arts. Mona also speaks fluent Arabic language. 




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