Osteopath Pinner

Osteopathy is a distinctive whole body approach, concentrating on the problem areas and bringing back the balance to the body’s structure, helping you back to positive health. Treatment aims to rapidly alleviate symptoms, however you may also be given lifestyle and dietary advice, exercise routines and help with posture – to help maintain long term well-being.


We all live stressful and tiring lives, pushing our bodies to the limit through physical strains and emotional stress. The output is often the in balance of the musculoskeletal system – the central pillar of our well-being. Osteopathy provides a way out, an established form of physical therapy that can provide soothing non-surgical treatments to stem the daily pain, which upsets your core health line.


Treatment is a hands on therapy, using palpation, soft tissue massage, stretching and careful joint manipulation. This aims to reduce muscle tension, restore joint mobility, and enhance blood flow and nerve supply to tissues.


We aim to provide you with a friendly, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere on every visit, taking the time to diagnose and then treat the problem area with tailored programs to suit your needs, followed up with helpful advice on maintaining the long-term balance of the body.